Welcome to Whimsy Apparel!

Whimsy Apparel is a locally owned business formed in 2021, by two creatively-inclined Sisters in order to spread a bit of whimsy to the world!


Say hello to the Owners!

"We are a family owned clothing company. I am a stay-at-home Mom, that also owns another small business with my husband. Vanessa, my sister, is the creative that came up with the idea to create Whimsy (while working full time at a grocery store)! Together, we created Whimsy Apparel Ltd and hope to bring our joy of designing to you and your family!" - Jessica

"One of our most favorite things to do includes getting crafty. So, we thought we'd take a stab at showing you all what we've got! As a fan of shirts, we decided to start our designs there, but there are many plans to bring more to the table! Jessica and I, are so excited to show you all what is to come! Please join our journey to explore those endeavors with us!" - Vanessa




Clothes are a fun representation of who we are as people. There have always been trendsetters out there that like to dictate what people should wear. Who gets the say in what's cool to wear, and what isn't?


We wanted to let all of you in on a little secret: Being you, there are no rules! Have fun! Dress your craziest! Get a little whimsical! After all that's what Whimsy Apparel is all about!