Black Friday Sale at Whimsy Apparel!

Happy Black Friday everyone!

To help celebrate the Holidays, Whimsy Apparel is joining in on the Black Friday Sale! Get 20% off all of our incredible clothes! Enjoy our Sale from Thursday (25th) - Sunday (28th)!

Bundle up now with our cozy green jacket! Stay comfy, or keep your loved ones warm with this coat! Available in multiple sizes. 

Enjoy our delightfully red cable-knit zipped sweater! Such a beautiful jacket, that'll be sure to keep you toasty during this cold Winter. Take the chance to buy now with our Black Friday Sale!!

We are so thankful to all of you who have supported us this year! We're just two small town women that dreamed to make our dreams come true. It's incredible that you all have enjoyed our shop, as much as we enjoy it! Thank you all for all of your encouragement! We hope to bring you an even better experience in your future purchases!

We, at Whimsy Apparel, thank you! Happy Holidays!