Shop our new Fall Fashion!

Jump into the season with our new Fall Collection! 

With each season, comes new Fashion to be enjoyed! To keep out of the cold this Autumn, Whimsy Apparel has added a variety of new Sweaters and Jackets to choose from. We hope you all enjoy our new line. 

So what's new? Well, we're happy to show you!

 Collection Part 1

Starting off, we have our Destressed Sweater coming in black. Using a finely knit stitching, this shirt will keep you nice and cozy! The sweater is sitting at an oversized fit, comfy and definitely works with high waisted jeans. More colors are also sure to come shortly. Don't knock style just to keep warm this fall! This shirt is perfect for both!

 Distressed Sweater

 Up next, we're excited to present you with our new Gray Moraga Aztec Cardigan! Get decked out in our soft Cardigan, sporting a red, beige. and white design. The Cardigan is the perfect length. It's fantastic to keep out the chilly weather, and enjoy all of the Fall festivities!

Gray Moraga Aztec Cardigan

 It's impossible to go through the cold without any cable-knit sweaters! We hope you all enjoy our Green Cable-Knit Cardigan. Fitting more on the comfortable or relaxed fit, you'll be able to enjoy both the style and warmth with this one. Don't forget, it has pockets!

Green Cable-Knit Cardigan

 One of our cutest picks, our Red Cable-Knit Zipped Sweater, is something we are very excited to share with you all! This sweater zips up, and comes in red. We hope to get a variety of colors in the future! The pattern is also gorgeous with enough thickness to keep you warm this season.

Cable-Knit Zipped Sweater

 Last, but not least, we have our Black Cable-Knit Sweater Dress. This dress uses the highest quality materials. It's also incredibly warm! No need to shirk flare to keep warm with this dress! The cable-knit design is classy and pairs well with some knee-length boots.

Cable-Knit Sweater Dress

 Now that you've seen just the beginning our new line, we hope it's inspired you to all take a closer look! Whether it be a gift, or something to keep yourself warm, we aspire to be there for you, and wish for you to love our Fall Collection!

Stay warm this coming season!